Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

He Man 何曼 was a bandit who fought under the name of the Yellow Turbans. He was part of Huang Shao's group.


He Man was a bandit commander from Yu province. In 196 AD he operated with Huang Shao and He Yi 何儀. In February 196 AD Cao Cao led a punitive expedition against them. They were defeated and Huang Shao and He Man were both executed. He Yi surrendered with the little force he had still left.


  • Liu Pi 劉辟 was also said to have been part of this group, but he fled and attacked Cao Cao during Battle of Guandu.
  • Liu Pi, He Yi, He Man and Huang Shao were not active in the 184 Yellow Turban Rebellion and are Yellow Turbans in name only. They were symphatic to their ideals and fought in their name. They never served under Zhang Jue.

Fact vs. Fiction[]


  • …He Man was not nicknamed 'The Shooting Devil'.
  • …He Man was not killed by Cao Hong.


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