Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

The History of the Later Han (Hou Han shu 後漢書), also known as the Book of the Later Han[n 1] is an official Chinese history work compiled by Fan Ye 范曄 and others of the Liu-Song 刘宋 dynasty in the 5th century. It is the official Dynastic History (zhengshi 正史) of the Later Han dynasty covering the time from 6 ~ 200 AD.

The book is part of early four historiographies of the official Dynastic History canon, together with the Records of the Grand Historian by Sima Qian, History of Han by Ban Gu and Records of the Three Kingdoms by Chen Shou.

The History is divided into three sections:

  1. Annals (běnjì 本紀), which consists of ten volumes. The first nine volumes cover the nine emperors of Later Han. The tenth volume covers their empresses.
  2. Biographies (lièzhuàn 列傳), the majority of the history consists of biographies of warlords, generals, officials, and others of importance or interesting or remarkable lives.
  3. Treatises (zhì 志), the last thirty volumes cover various subjects such as rituals, calendars, officials, commanderies, Five Powers and more.


The History of the Later Han is the third dynastic history of China. The first is the Records of the Grand Historian (Shǐjì 史記) by Sima Qian 司馬遷 (145 - 86 BC), written during the Former Han dynasty. The pattern of Sima Qian's historiographic work was unique and should serve as model for the official standard histories of the imperial dynasties for the next two thousand years. The second dynastic history of China is the History of Han (Hàn shū 漢書)[n 2], written mainly by Ban Gu 班固. The fourth dynastic history is the Records of the Three Kingdoms by Chen Shou 陳壽, later annotated by Pei Songzhi 裴松之.

Fan Ye was a scholar during the Liu-Song dynasty and lived from 396 - 446.[1] Sources for Fan Ye's book were the many histories written on the Later Han period before, such as the Hou Han ji 後漢紀 by Yuan Hong 袁宏 and the Dongguan Han ji 東觀漢記 (Records of Han from the Eastern Pavilion) by Ban Gu and others.

Fan Ye died before he completed his work, leaving the third section, Treatises 志, unfinished with only 10 chapters. The Treatises were later expanded on with the treatises from the Xu Han shu 續漢書 ("History of Han Continued") by Sima Biao 司馬彪 of the Jin dynasty making the Treatises-section 30 volumes long and the History of the Later Han 120 volumes long.

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本紀 Annals[]

Chaptertitle Translation Subjects/Notes
1A 光武帝紀上 第一 Annals of Emperor Guangwu [former part]
1B 光武帝紀下 第一 Annals of Emperor Guangwu [latter part]
2 顯宗孝明帝紀 第二 Annals of Xianzong, the filial and understanding Emperor Ming
3 肅宗孝章帝紀 第三 Annals of Suzong, the filial and polite Emperor Zhang
4 孝和孝殤帝紀 第四 Annals of the filial and moderate Emperor and the filial and short-lived Emperor Emperor He and Emperor Shang
5 孝安帝紀 第五 Annals of the filial Emperor An
6 孝順孝沖孝質帝紀 第六 Annals of the filial Emperors Shun, Chong and Zhi
7 孝桓帝紀 第七 Annals of the filial Emperor Huan
8 孝靈帝紀 第八 Annals of the filial Emperor Ling
9 孝獻帝紀 第九 Annals of the filial Emperor Xian
10A 皇后紀上 第十 Annals of Empresses [former part]
10B 皇后紀下 第十 Annals of Empresses [latter part]

列傳 Collected Biographies[]

Please note that only pages containing biographies of people who lived beyond 168 AD are uploaded here.
Chaptertitle Translation Subjects/Notes
11 劉玄劉盆子列傳 第一 Biographies of Liu Xuan, Liu Penzi Liu Xuan was Emperor Gengshi of Han
12 王劉張李彭盧列傳 第二 Biographies of Wang, Liu, Zhang, Li, Peng, Lu Wang Chang 王昌, Liu Yong 劉永, [Pang Meng 龐萌], Zhang Bu 張步, [Wang Hong 王閎], Li Xian 李憲, Peng Chong 彭寵, Lu Fang 盧芳
13 隗囂公孫述列傳 第三 Biographies of Wei Ao, Gongsun Shu
14 宗室四王三侯列傳 第四 Biographies of the Four Princes and Three Marquises of the Imperial House
15 李王鄧來列傳 第五 Biographies of Li, Wang, Deng, Lai Li Tong 李通, Wang Chang 王常, Deng Chen 鄧晨, Lai She 來歙 [and Lai Li 歷]
16 鄧寇列傳 第六 Biographies of Deng, Kou Deng Yu 鄧禹 [and Deng Xun 訓, Deng She 騭] and Kou Xun 寇恂 [and Kou Rong 榮]
17 馮岑賈列傳 第七 Biographies of Feng, Cen, Jia Feng Yi 異, Cen Peng 彭, Jia Fu 復
18 吳蓋陳臧列傳 第八 Biographies of Wu, Gai, Chen, Zang Wu Han 漢, Gai Yan 延, Chen Jun 俊, Zang Gong 宮
19 耿弇列傳 第九 Biography of Geng Yan Geng Yan 耿弇 [and Geng Guo 國, Geng Bing 秉, Geng Kui 夔, Geng Gong 恭]
20 銚期王霸祭遵列傳 第十 Biographies of Tiao Qi, Wang Ba, Zhai Zun Zhao Qi 銚期, Wang Ba 王霸, Ji Zun 祭遵 [and Ji Tong 肜]
21 任李萬邳劉耿列傳 第十一 Biographies of Ren, Li, Wan, Pi, Liu, Geng Ren Guang 任光 [and Ren Wei 任隗], Li Zhong 李忠, Wan You 萬脩, Pi Tong 邳彤, Liu Zhi 劉植, Geng Chun 耿純
22 朱景王杜馬劉傅堅馬列傳 第十二 Biographies of Zhu, Jing, Wang, Du, Ma, Liu, Fu, Jian, Ma Zhu You 祐, Jing Dan 丹, Wang Liang 梁, Du Mao 茂, Ma Cheng 成, Liu Long 隆, Fu Jun 俊, Jian Tan 鐔, Ma Wu 武
23 竇融列傳 第十三 Biography of Dou Rong Dou Rong 竇融 [and Dou Gu 固, Dou Xian 憲, Dou Zhang 章]
24 馬援列傳 第十四 Biography of Ma Yuan Ma Yuan 馬援 [and Ma Miu 廖, Ma Fang 防, Ma Yan 嚴, Ma Suo 棱]
25 卓魯魏劉列傳 第十五 Biographies of Zhuo, Lu, Wei, Liu Zhuo Mao 茂, Lu Gong 恭 [and Lu Pi 丕], Wei Ba 霸, Liu Kuan 寬
26 伏侯宋蔡馮趙牟韋列傳 第十六 Biographies of Fu, Hou, Song, Cai, Feng, Zhao, Mou, Wei Fu Zhan 湛 [and Fu Long 隆], Hou Ba 霸, Song Hong 弘 [and Song Han 漢], Cai Mao 茂, [Guo He 賀], Feng Qin 勤, Zhao Xi 憙, Mou Rong 融, Wei Biao 彪, [and Wei Yi 義]
27 宣張二王杜郭吳承鄭趙列傳 第十七 Biographies of Xuan, Zang, two Wangs, Du, Guo, Wu, Cheng, Zheng, Zhao Xuan Bing 宣秉, Zhang Zhan 張湛, Wang Dan 王丹 and Wang Liang 王良, Du Lin 杜林, Guo Dan 郭丹, Wu Liang 吳良, Cheng Gong 承宮, Zheng Jun 鄭均, Zhao Dian 趙典
28A 桓譚馮衍列傳 第十八上 Biographies of Huan Tan, Feng Yan Huan Tan 桓譚, Feng Yan 馮衍
28B 馮衍傳 第十八下 Biography of Feng Yan Feng Yan 馮衍, Feng Bao 馮豹
29 申屠剛鮑永郅惲列傳 第十九 Biographies of Shentu Gang, Bao Yong, Zhi Yun Shentu Gang 申屠剛, Bao Yong 鮑永 [and Bao Yu 昱], Zhi Yun 郅惲 [and Zhi Shou 壽]
30A 蘇竟楊厚列傳 第二十上 Biographies of Su Jing, Yang Hou
30B 郎顗襄楷列傳 第二十下 Biographies of Lang Yi, Xiang Kai
31 郭杜孔張廉王蘇羊賈陸列傳 第二十一 Biographies of Guo, Du, Kong, Zhang, Lian, Wang, Yang, Jia, Lu Guo Ji 郭伋, Du Shi 杜詩, Kong Fen 孔奮, Zhang Zhan 張堪, Lian Fan 廉范, Wang Tang 王堂, Su Zhang 蘇章 [and Su Buwei 不韋], Yang Xu 羊續, Jia Cong 賈琮, Lu Kang 陸康
32 樊宏陰識列傳 第二十二 Biographies of Fan Hong, Yin Shi Fan Hong 樊宏 [and Fan Shu 鯈, Fan Zhun 準], Yin Shi 陰識 [and Yin Xing 興]
33 朱馮虞鄭周列傳 第二十三 Biographies of Zhu, Feng, Yu, Zheng, Zhou Zhu Fu 朱浮, Feng Fang 馮魴, Yu Yan 虞延, Zheng Hong 鄭弘, Zhou Zhang 周章
34 梁統列傳 第二十四 Biography of Liang Tong Liang Tong 梁統 [and Liang Song 松, Liang Song 竦, Liang Shang 商, Liang Ji 冀]
35 張曹鄭列傳 第二十五 Biographies of Zhang, Cao, Zheng Zhang Chun and Zhang Fen], Cao Bao 曹褒, Zheng Xuan
36 鄭范陳賈張列傳 第二十六 Biographies of Zheng, Fan, Chen, Jia, Zhang Zheng Xing 鄭興 [and Zheng Zhong 眾], Fan Sheng 范升, Chen Yuan 陳元, Jia Kui 賈逵, Zhang Ba 張霸 [and Zhang Kai 楷, Zhang Ling, Zhang Xuan 張玄]
37 桓榮丁鴻列傳 第二十七 Biographies of Huan Rong, Ding Hong Huan Rong 桓榮 [and Huan Yu 郁, Huan Yan 焉, Huan Dian 典, Huan Luan 鸞, Huan Ye 曄, Huan Bin 彬], Ding Hong 丁鴻
38 張法滕馮度楊列傳 第二十八 Biographies of Zhang, Fa, Teng, Feng, Du, Yang Zhang Zong 張宗, Fa Xiong 法雄, Teng Fu 滕撫, Feng Kun 馮緄, Du Shang 度尚, Yang Xuan 楊琁
39 劉趙淳于江劉周趙列傳 第二十九 Biographies of Liu, Zhao, Chunyu, Jiang, Liu, Zhou, Zhao Liu Ping 劉平, [Wang Wang 王望, Wang Fu 王扶], Zhao Xiao 趙孝, Chunyu Gong 淳于恭, Jiang Ge 江革, Liu Ban 劉般 [and Liu Kai 愷], Zhou Pan 周磐, Zhao Zi 趙咨
40A 班彪列傳 第三十上 Biography of Ban Biao
40B 班彪列傳 第三十下 Biography of Ban Biao Ban Biao 班彪 [and Ban Gu 固]
41 第五鍾離宋寒列傳 第三十一 Biographies of Diwu, Zhongli, Song, Han Diwu Lun 第五倫 [and Diwu Zhong 五種], Zhongli Yi 鍾離意, Song Jun 宋均 [and Song Yi 意], Han Lang 寒朗
42 光武十王列傳 第三十二 Chapter on the Fiefs of the Sons of Emperor Guangwu Liu Jiang 劉彊, Liu Fu 輔, Liu Kang 劉康, Liu Yan 延, Liu Yan (劉焉); Liu Ying; Liu Cang (劉蒼); Liu Jing (劉荊); Liu Heng (劉衡); Liu Jing (劉京)
43 朱樂何列傳 第三十三 Biographies of Zhu, Yue, He Zhu Yun 朱暉 [and Zhu Mu 朱穆], Le Hui 樂恢, He Chang 何敞
44 鄧張徐張胡列傳 第三十四 Biographies of Deng, Zhang, Xu, Zhang, Hu Deng Biao 鄧彪, Zhang Yu 張禹, Xu Fang 徐防, Zhang Min 張敏, Hu Guang 胡廣
45 袁張韓周列傳 第三十五 Biographies of Yuan, Zhang, Han, Zhou Yuan An 袁安 [and Yuan Jing 京, Yuan Chang 敞, Yuan Hong 閎], Zhang Fu 張酺, Han Suo 韓棱, Zhou Rong 周榮, [and Zhou Jing 景]
46 郭陳列傳 第三十六 Biographies of Guo, Chen Guo Gong 郭躬 [and Guo Zhen 鎮], Chen Chong 陳寵 [and Chen Zhong 忠]
47 班梁列傳 第三十七 Biographies of Ban, Liang Ban Chao 班超 [and Ban Yong 勇], Liang Qin 梁慬 [and He Xi 熙]
48 楊李翟應霍爰徐列傳 第三十八 Biographies of Yang, Li, Di, Ying, Huo, Yuan, Xu Yang Zhong 楊終, Li Fa 李法, Zhao Fu 翟酺, Ying Feng 應奉 [and Ying Shao], Huo Xu 霍諝, Yuan Yan 爰延, Xu Miao 徐璆
49 王充王符仲長統列傳 第三十九 Biographies of Wang Chong, Wang Fu, Zhongchang Tong Wang Chong 王充, Wang Fu 王符, Zhongchang Tong
50 孝明八王列傳 第四十 Biographies of Eight Princes of [Emperor] Xiaoming Liu Jian 劉建 Liu Xian 羨, Liu Gong 恭, Liu Dang 黨, Liu Yan 劉衍, Liu Chang 暢, Liu Bing 昞, Liu Chang 長
51 李陳龐陳橋列傳 第四十一 Biographies of Li, Chen, Pang, Chen, Qiao Li Xun 李恂, Chen Shan 陳襌, Pang Can 龐參, Chen Gui 陳龜, Qiao Xuan
52 崔駰列傳 第四十二 Biography of Cui Yin Cui Yin 崔駰 [and Cui Yuan 瑗, Cui Shi 寔]
53 周黃徐姜申屠列傳 第四十三 Biographies of Zhou, Huang, Xu, Jiang, Shentu Zhou Xie 周燮, Huang Xian 黃憲, Xu Zhi 徐稚, Jiang Hong 姜肱, Shentu Pan 申屠蟠
54 楊震列傳 第四十四 Biography of Yang Zhen Yang Zhen 楊震 [and Yang Bin 秉, Yang Ci 賜, Yang Biao 彪, Yang You 脩]
55 章帝八王傳 第四十五 Biographies of Eight Princes of Emperor Zhang Liu Kang 劉伉, Liu Quan 全, Liu Qing 慶, Liu Shou 壽, Liu Kai 開, Liu Shu 淑, Liu Wansui 萬歳, Liu Sheng 勝
56 張王種陳列傳 第四十六 Biographies of Zhang, Wang, Zhong, Chen Zhang Hao 皓 [and Zhang Gang 張綱], Wang Gong 王龔 [and Wang Chang 暢], Zhong Gao 种暠 [and Zhong Dai 岱, Zhong Fo 佛, Zhong Shao 劭], Chen Qiu 陳球
57 杜欒劉李劉謝列傳 第四十七 Biographies of Du, Luan, Liu, Li, Liu, Xie Du Gen 杜根, Luan Ba 欒巴, Liu Tao 劉陶, Li Yun 李雲, Liu Yu 劉瑜, and Xie Bi 謝弼
58 虞傅蓋臧列傳 第四十八 Biographies of Yu, Fu, Gai, Zang Yu Xu, Fu Xie, Gai Kun, Zang Hong
59 張衡列傳 第四十九 Biography of Zhang Heng Zhang Heng 張衡
60A 馬融列傳 第五十上 Biography of Ma Rong Ma Rong 馬融
60B 蔡邕列傳 第五十下 Biography of Cai Yong Cai Yong
61 左周黃列傳 第五十一 Biographies of Zuo, Zhou, Huang Zuo Xiong 左雄, Zhou Ju 周舉 [and Zhou Xie 周勰], Huang Qiong 黃瓊 [and Huang Wan 黃琬]
62 左周黃列傳 第五十一 Biographies of Xun, Han, Zhong, Chen Xun Shu 荀淑, [and Xun Shuang 爽, Xun Yue 悅], Han Shao 韓韶, Zhong Hao 鍾皓, Chen Shi 陳寔 [and Chen Ji 陳紀]
63 李杜列傳 第五十三 Biographies of Li, Du Li Gu 李固 [and Li Xie 李燮], Du Qiao 杜喬
64 吳延史盧趙列傳 第五十四 Biographies of Wu, Yan, Shi, Lu, Zhao Wu You 吳祐, Yan Du 延篤, Shi Bi 史弼, Lu Zhi, Zhao Qi
65 皇甫張段列傳 第五十五 Biographies of Huangfu, Zhang, Duan Huangfu Gui, Zhang Huan 張奐, Duan Jiong
66 陳王列傳 第五十六 Biographies of Chen, Wang Chen Fan and Wang Yun
67 黨錮列傳 第五十七 Biographies of the Proscribed Faction
68 郭符許列傳 第五十八 Biographies of Guo, Fu, Xu Guo Tai, Fu Rong, Xu Shao
69 竇何列傳 第五十九 Biographies of Dou, He Dou Wu, He Jin
70 鄭孔荀列傳 第六十 Biographies of Zheng, Kong, Xun Zheng Tai, Kong Rong, Xun Yu
71 皇甫嵩朱儁列傳 第六十一 Biographies of Huangfu Song, Zhu Jun Huangfu Song, Zhu Jun
72 董卓列傳 第六十二 Biography of Dong Zhuo Dong Zhuo
73 劉虞公孫瓚陶謙列傳 第六十三 Biographies of Liu Yu, Gongsun Zan, Tao Qian Liu Yu, Gongsun Zan, Tao Qian
74A 袁紹劉表列傳 第六十四上 Biographies of Yuan Shao, Liu Biao (former) Yuan Shao
74B 袁紹劉表列傳 第六十四下 Biographies of Yuan Shao, Liu Biao (latter) Yuan Tan, Liu Biao
75 劉焉袁術呂布列傳 第六十五 Biographies of Liu Yan, Yuan Shu, Lü Bu Liu Yan, Yuan Shu, Lü Bu
76 循吏列傳 第六十六 Biographies of Lenient Officials Wei Su 衛颯, Ren Ting 任延, Wang Jing 王景, Qin Peng 秦彭, Wang Huan 王渙, Xu Jing 許荊, Meng Chang 孟嘗, Diwu Fang 第五訪, Liu Ju 劉矩, Liu Chong 劉寵, Jiu Lan 仇覽, Tong Hui 童恢
77 酷吏列傳 第六十七 Biographies of Stern Officials Dong Xuan 董宣, Fan Ye 樊曄, Li Zhang 李章, Zhou Yu 周, Huang Chang 黃昌, Yang Qiu 陽球, Wang Ji 王吉
78 宦者列傳 第六十八 Biographies of the Eunuchs Zheng Zhong 鄭眾, Cai Lun 蔡倫, Sun Cheng 孫程, Cao Teng 曹騰, Shan Chao 單超, Hou Lan 侯覽, Cao Jie, Lü Qiang, Zhang Rang
79A 儒林列傳 第六十九上 Biographies of Confucian Scholars Liu Kun 劉昆, Wa Dan 洼丹, Ren An 任安, Yang Zheng 楊政, Zhang Xing 張興, Dai Ping 戴憑, Sun Qi 孫期, Ouyang Xi 歐陽歙, Mou Chang 牟長, Song Deng 宋登, Zhang Xun 張馴, Yin Min 尹敏, Zhou Fang 周防, Kong Xi 孔僖, Yang Lun 楊倫
79B 儒林列傳 第六十九下 Biographies of Confucian Scholars Gao Xu 高詡, Bao Xian 包咸, Wei Ying 魏應, Fu Gong 伏恭, Ren Mo 任末, Jing Luan 景鸞, Xue Han 薛漢, Du Fu 杜撫, Zhao Xun 召馴, Yang Ren 楊仁, Zhao Ye 趙曄, Wei Hong 衛宏, Dong Jun 董鈞, Ding Gong 丁恭, Zhou Ze 周澤, Zhong Xing 鍾興, Zhen Yu 甄宇, Lou Wang 樓望, Cheng Ceng 程曾, Zhang Xuan 張玄, Li Yu 李育, He Xiu 何休, Fu Qian 服虔, Ying Rong 潁容, Xie Gai 謝該, Xu Shen 許慎, Cai Xuan 蔡玄
80A 文苑列傳 第七十上 Biographies of Literary Men Du Du 杜篤, Wang Long 王隆, Xia Gong 夏恭, Fu Yi 傅毅, Huang Xiang 黃香, Liu Yi 劉毅, Li You 李尤, Su Shun 蘇順, Liu Zhen 劉珍, Ge Gong 葛龔, Wang Yi 王逸, Cui Qi 崔琦, Bian Shao 邊韶
80B 文苑列傳 第七十下 Biographies of Literary Men Zhang Sheng 張升, Shi Jun 仕郡, Zhao Yi 趙壹, Liu Liang 劉梁, Bian Rang 邊讓, Li Yan 酈炎, Hou Jin 侯瑾, Gao Biao 高彪, Zhang Chao, Mi Heng
81 獨行列傳 第七十一 Biographies of the Men of Unusual Conduct Qiao Xuan, Li Ye 李業, Liu Mao 劉茂, Wen Xu 溫序, Peng You 彭脩, Suo Lufang 索盧放, Zhou Jia 周嘉, Fan Shi 范式, Li Shan 李善, Wang Tun 王忳, Zhang Wu 張武, Ling Xu 陵續, Dai Feng 戴封, Li Chong 李充, Miao Rong 繆肜, Chen Zhong 陳重, Lei Yi 雷義, Fan Ran 范冉, Dai Jiu 戴就, Zhao Bao 趙苞, Xiang Xu, Liang Fu 諒輔, Liu Yi 劉翊, Wang Lie 王烈
82A 方術列傳 第七十二上 Biographies of Diviners and Magicians Ren Wengong 任文公, Guo Xian 郭憲, Xu Yang 許楊, Gao Huo 高獲, Wang Qiao 王喬, Xie Yiwu 謝夷吾, Yang You 楊由, Li Nan 李南, Li He 李郃, Duan Yi 段翳, Liao Fu 廖扶, Zhe Xiang 折像, Fan Ying 樊英
82B 方術列傳 第七十二下 Biographies of Diviners and Magicians Tang Tan 唐檀, Gong Shamu 公沙穆, Xu Man 許曼, Zhao Yan 趙彥, Fan Zhizhang 樊志張, Shan Yang 單颺, Han Yue 韓說, Dong Fu 董扶, Guo Yu 郭玉, Hua Tuo, Xu Deng 徐登, Fei Changfang 費長房, Ji Zixun 薊子訓, Liu Gen 劉根, Zuo Ci, Ji Zixun 計子勳, Shangchenggong 上成公, Jie Nugu 解奴辜, Gan Shi 甘始, Wang Zhen 王真, Wang Heping 王和平
83 逸民列傳 第七十三 Biographies of Worthies Living in Retirement Xiang Chang 向長, Feng Meng 逢萌, Zhou Dang 周黨, Wang Ba 王霸, Yan Guang 嚴光, Jing Dan 井丹, Liang Hong 梁鴻, Gao Feng 高鳳, Tai Tong 台佟, Han Kang 韓康, Jiao Shen 矯慎, Dai Liang 戴良, Fa Zhen 法真, Pang Gong 龐公
84 列女傳 第七十四 Biographies of Exemplary Women
85 東夷列傳 第七十五 Biographies of the Eastern Barbarians Fuyu (Buyo), Yilou (Sushen), Gaojuli (Koguryo), Woju (Okjeo) Huimo (Yemaek), Sanhan (Samhan), Wa
86 南蠻西南夷列傳 第七十六 Biographies of the Southern Barbarians and Southwestern Barbarians Nanman and Southwestern barbarians
87 西羌傳 第七十七 Biographies of the Western Qiang Qiang
88 西域傳 第七十八 Biographies of the Western Regions Yutian (Khotan), Tiaozhi (Seleucid), Anxi (Parthia), Daqin, Yuezhi, Tianzhu (India), Yancai (Alani), Shule (Kashgar), Yanqi, Gushi
89 南匈奴列傳 第七十九 Biographies of the Southern Xiongnu Xiongnu
90 烏桓鮮卑列傳 第八十 Biographies of the Wuhuan, Xianbi Wuhuan, Xianbi

志 Treatises[]

Chaptertitle Translation Subject/Notes
91 第一 律曆上 01: Pitchpipes and the Calendar, the former [part]
92 第二 律曆中 02: Pitchpipes and the Calendar, the middle [part]
93 第三 律曆下 03: Pitchpipes and the Calendar, the latter [part]
94 第四 禮儀上 04: Ceremonial, the former
95 第五 禮儀中 05: Ceremonial, the middle
96 第六 禮儀下 06: Ceremonial, the latter
97 第七 祭祀上 07: Sacrifices, the former
91 第八 祭祀中 08: Sacrifices, the middle
99 第九 祭祀下 09: Sacrifices, the latter
100 第十 天文上 10: Heavens, the former
101 第十一 天文中 11: Heavens, the middle
102 第十二 天文下 12: Heavens, the latter
103 第十四 五行一 13: Five Powers, one
104 第十四 五行二 14: Five Powers, two
105 第十五 五行三 15: Five Powers, three
106 第十六 五行四 16: Five Powers, four
107 第十七 五行五 17: Five Powers, five
108 第十八 五行六 18: Five Powers, six
109 第十九 郡國一 19: Administrative Geography, one Sili Province
110 第二十 郡國二 20: Administrative Geography, two Yu Province, Ji Province
111 第二十一 郡國三 21: Administrative Geography, three Yan Province, Xu Province
112 第二十二 郡國四 22: Administrative Geography, four Qing Province, Jing Province, Yang Province
113 第二十三 郡國五 23: Administrative Geography, five Yi Province, Liang Province, Bing Province, You Province, Jiao Province
114 第二十四 百官一 24: Bureaucracy, one
115 第二十五 百官二 25: Bureaucracy, two
116 第二十六 百官三 26: Bureaucracy, three
117 第二十七 百官四 27: Bureaucracy, four
118 第二十八 百官五 28: Bureaucracy, five
119 第二十九 輿服上 29: Carriages and Robes, the former
120 第三十 輿服下 30: Carriages and Robes, the latter

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  1. the character 書 can be translated as both 'history' and 'book'.
  2. Or Book of Han, as the character 書 can be translated as both 'history' and 'book'.


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  • Fan Ye 范曄 (396-446). Hou Han shu 後漢書 "History of the Later Han".