Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

Hua Xiong 華雄 was a minor officer under Dong Zhuo and participated in the Campaign against Dong Zhuo.


Historically not much is known about Hua Xiong. In contrast to his appearance in the novel, Hua Xiong was just a minor officer in history.

During the Campaign against Dong Zhuo, he was sent out to face Sun Jian at Yangren, together with Lü Bu and Hu Zhen and 5,000 troops under their command. Sun Jian completely defeated the three officers. Lü Bu and Hu Zhen retreated, Hua Xiong died.[1] He was either beheaded by Sun Jian, or killed in battle with Sun Jian's troops. The latter seems most likely.[2]


  • Hua Xiong was Chief Controller (dūdū 都督) at the time of his death.

Fact vs. Fiction[]

  • Historical sources never label Hua Xiong as 'talented' or 'promising'.
  • Historically, Hua Xiong did not participate in the fictional Battle of Sishui Pass.
  • Historically, Hua Xiong was beheaded by Sun Jian, or killed in battle with Sun Jian's troops. He wasn't killed by Guan Yu.
    read about this fictional event here.
  • Historically, Hua Xiong had only one battle, which was the one with Sun Jian.


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