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Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

Lady Wang 王夫人 was a wife of the Emperor of Wu Sun Quan 孫權. A favourite of Sun Quan, second only to Lady Bu 步氏. Mother of Sun He 孫和 and grandmother of the last emperor of Wu Sun Hao 孫皓.

Records of the Three Kingdoms official biography [translation][]

 Lady Wang of the ruler of Wu [Sun] Quan, was a native of Langye 琅邪 [commandery].[1] The Lady was selected to enter the palace and during the Huangwu 黃武 years[n 1] she became favoured and gave birth to [Sun] He 和. She was the favourite, second to Lady Bu 步氏.

 After Lady Bu died, He was made heir-apparent (tàizǐ 太子), and Quan was going to make the Lady his empress. However the Princess Quan 全 [Sun Luban 孫鲁班, wife of Quan Zong 全琮] had always detested the Lady and slandered her little by little. When Quan was lying sick in bed, she said the Lady [Wang] was looking happy. Consequently, he became very angry, and the Lady died of worries because of that. When He's son [Sun] Hao 皓 was made ruler, he gave the Lady the posthumous title Empress Dayi (Dàyì huánghòu 大懿皇后; literally “Empress of Great Exemplarity”) and appointed her three younger brothers as full marquises.

[1] Book of Wu 吳書 states: Lady Wang's father was named Lujiu 盧九.

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  1. GJCM notes: the years of Huangwu were from 222-229. Huangwu means “Martial Yellow”. At the time Sun Quan was the emperor.


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