Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

A list of specialties that can be obtained in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII and its DLC Fame and Strategy.


Specialties can be used to upgrade certain stats (LEA, WAR, INT, GOV) or abilities of your character, or upgrade those of your officers by giving them specialties. There are also many specialties that do not upgrade character stats, such as most wines and ornaments. These can be used for raising bonds with officers by gifting them these specialties. Wines can also be used to organize a banquet and when you do you can invite an officer of your choice to the banquet.


Every officer in the game has preferences to the types of specialties they like to receive as gifts. Officers will usually accept any specialty the player character gifts to them regardless of their interest in the item, and as a result their rapport with the player character will improve. Some officers will politely refuse alcohol as a gift, either because of their personal preference or because the character is still too young to accept such a gift. If the officer receiving the gift is interested in the type of specialty, their rapport with the player character will improve greatly and they will be induced into an emotional state that will make it easier for the player character to build upon their relationship. In addition, if the player character and the officer receiving the gift are in service to the same force and the player character is a higher ranking officer such as a Governor or the Ruler, the loyalty of the officer will increase.


Most specialties are acquired from the markets of cities, with common items such as wines or non-enhancing weapons being widely available. Common items can also be given to the player character at random as a reward for accomplishing domestic missions such as patrols or civic improvements. Provincial capitols and cities with upgraded markets have a much higher chance of generating skill enhancing specialties such as war manuals and horses. Many unique specialties such as a historical officer's signature weapon can be found in the market if the player begins the game in a year after the historical officer's death, for example Lu Bu's Crescent Halberd can be found in the market if the game begins in any scenario after the year 199 when Lu Bu died.

Ownership and Death[]

Most non-enhancing specialties such as wines will be confiscated by a force when the officer in possession of the item is captured, however specialties that do enhance abilities will remain the property of the captured officer. When a captured officer is executed, all specialties in their possession become the property of the force that executed them, and the force's ruler can award these specialties to their subordinates to increase the loyalty of the awarded officer. When an officer dies of natural causes, all of their specialties will be transferred to their inheritor such as their oldest child or spouse. If an officer dies of natural causes without having a valid inheritor, than their specialties will become the property of the force they were in service to. When an officer is killed in battle or in a duel, any enhancing specialties that were in their possession will be looted by the officer that killed them, while all non-enhancing specialties will be removed from play and return to the market.

Imperial Seal[]

While in previous entries of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms video game series the Imperial Seal was considered a standalone item like any other specialty, in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII the Imperial Seal is owned by the force that possesses it rather than being the property if a specific character. As a result, the seal can only change ownership either through historical events that transpire throughout the course of the game, or by the total conquest of the force currently possessing it. Possessing the Imperial Seal will increase the presence of the ruler who holds it, and if the Han Emperor is still in power than a ruler must control both the Imperial Seal and the Emperor in order to seize the throne and become Emperor themselves. If the Han Emperor has been deposed, the Imperial Seal is no longer needed for a ruler to found their own dynasty.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Specialties[]

Image Name Type Effect Ability Value Price Possessing officer
24 Chapters of War 24 Chapters of War Strategy Tome LEA+2 StrategyLV+1 40 1600 Zhuge Liang, Jiang Wei
Abacus Abacus Treasure CommerceLV+1 15 600
Agate Agate Ornament 25 3800
Analects Analects Religious Tome INT+7 VirtueLV+1 50 3200
Ancestral Zun Ancestral Zun Treasure 10 1200
Angelica Angelica Treasure 10 500
Annals of Mater Yan Annals of Master Yan Governance Tome GOV+2 VirtueLV+1 40 2400
Arrow Arrow Bow 5 400
Art of War Art of War Strategy Tome LEA+10 StrategyLV+1 70 4800
Bamboo Slips Bamboo Slips Strategy Tome 5 400
Bianzhong Bianzhong Treasure 5 600
Blue Dragon Blue Dragon Longsword WAR+6 OveraweLV+1 55 3200 Guan Yu, Pan Zhang, Guan Xing
Book of Buddha Book of Buddha Treasure INT+4 25 3800
Book of Documents Book of Documents Religious Tome INT+6 NegotiateLV+1 35 1600
Book of Han Book of Han History Tome GOV+3 15 2400
Book of Heavenly Evasions Book of Heavenly Evasions Rare Tome INT+3 StrategyLV+1 45 6000
Book of Rights Book of Rights Religious Tome INT+5 NegotiateLV+1 35 1600
Book of the Blue Pouch Book of the Blue Pouch Medical Tome Lifespan 45 6000
Bridal Vest Bridal Vest Ornament 15 2300
Bronze Boshan Brazier Bronze Boshan Brazier Treasure 5 600
Bronze Cart Bronze Cart Treasure WeaponsLV+1 15 1200
Bronze Club Bronze Club Blunt WAR+1 5 800
Bronze Horse Bronze Horse Treasure WeaponsLV+1 15 1200
Bronze Horse Sword Bronze Horse Sword Treasure HeroismLV+1 25 1800
Cai Lun Paper Cai Lun Paper Strategy Tome 15 800
Cauldron of Duke Mao Cauldron of Duke Mao Treasure 15 1800
Celadon Grain Urn Celadon Grain Urn Treasure 15 600
Chaoxian Carrot Chaoxian Carrot Treasure 20 2400
Chart of Five Peaks Chart of Five Peaks Treasure Lifespan 25 1800
Chinese Peony Chinese Peony Treasure 15 800
Chiyou Axe Chiyou Axe Axe WAR+9 HeroismLV+1 60 4000
Chronicles of Lushi Chronicles of Lushi History Tome GOV+2 10 1600
Chronicles of Wu-Yue Chronicles of Wu-Yue History Tome GOV+2 NavalLV+1 25 800
Cinnamon sticks Cinnamon sticks Treasure 15 800
Classic of Poetry Classic of Poetry Religious Tome INT+7 CultureLV+1 50 2400
Clear Votive Wine Clear Votive Wine Alcohol 20 800
Coarse Votive Wine Coarse Votive Wine Alcohol 20 800
Commentary on the Analects Commentary on the Analects Treasure INT+4 CultureLV+1 35 2400 He Yan
Condensed Milk Condensed Milk Treasure 15 800
Cowlamp Cowlamp Treasure 15 600
Crescent Halberd Crescent Halberd Halberd WAR+8 DuelingLV+1 15 1600 Lü Bu
Critiques Critiques Treatise INT+4 15 2400 Cao Pi
Disc Disc Treasure 15 1800
Discourses on Salt and Iron Discourses on Salt and Iron Governance Tome GOV+1 CommerceLV+1 15 800
Donghu Bow Donghu Bow Bow WAR+2 10 2000
Dragon Jar Dragon Jar Treasure 15 1200
Dried Jujube Dried Jujube Treasure 20 1000
Du Kang Wine Du Kang Wine Alcohol 25 100
Earrings Earrings Ornament 5 600
Elephant Whip Elephant Whip Treasure TrainingLV+1 15 2300
Embroidered Incense Pouch Embroidered Incense Pouch Ornament 10 1200
Evodia Fruit Evodia Fruit Treasure 15 800
Feather Fan Feather Fan Treasure TrainingLV+1 15 600
Fermented Milk Fermented Milk Treasure 20 1500
Fermented Wine Fermented Wine Alcohol 20 1000
Filial Jiao Filial Jiao Treasure 15 1800
Firebird Beak Firebird Beak Longsword WAR+2 10 1600
Firestar Firestar Horse Retreat 40 1900
Five Stone Tonic Five Stone Tonic Medicine Lifespan 40 3000
Flame of the Believer Flame of the Believer Treasure 15 600
Flying Hammer Flying Hammer Blunt WAR+2 15 1600
Flying Swords Flying Swords Concealed Weapon WAR+2 10 800 Zhu Rong
Four Beasts Mirror Four Beasts Mirror Treasure 15 1800
Frost Frost Horse Retreat 40 1900
Fruit Liquor Fruit Liquor Alcohol 15 600
Fufang Zun Fufang Zun Treasure 10 1200
Fur Coat Fur Coat Treasure 15 1500
Ginseng Wine Ginseng Wine Alcohol 10 500
Ganjiang Sword Ganjiang Sword Sword WAR+7 DuelingLV+1 60 4000
Gilted Boshan Brazier Gilted Boshan Brazier Treasure 20 2400
Godblade Godblade Blade WAR+3 15 2400
Goguryeo Prince Goguryeo Prince Horse Retreat 40 1900
Gold Earrings Gold Earrings Ornament 15 2300
Gold Inlayed Jar Gold Inlayed Jar Treasure 15 1200
Golden Crown of the Aerie Golden Crown of the Aerie Treasure Overawe LV+1 50 4000 Liu Bao
Golden Deer Golden Deer Treasure CultureLV+1 15 1200
Golden Shuo Golden Shuo Spear WAR+2 10 2000
Gray Lightning Gray Lightning Horse Retreat DuelingLV+1 50 3000 Cao Cao
Grand Kei Cauldron Grand Kei Cauldron Treasure 15 1800
Grand Yu Cauldron Grand Yu Cauldron Treasure 15 1800
Great Guandao Great Guandao Longsword WAR+1 5 800
Greataxe Greataxe Axe WAR+2 OveraweLV+1 20 1600 Xu Huang
Guandao Guandao Longsword WAR+1 5 800
Guanzi Guanzi Governance Tome GOV+8 FarmingLV+1 45 4000
Gu-ding Blade Gu-ding Blade Blade WAR+3 NavalLV+1 40 2400 Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan
Han Feizi Han Feizi Governance Tome GOV+10 PatrolLV+1 50 4800
Hand Spear Hand Spear Concealed Weapon WAR+2 10 800 Taishi Ci
He Shi Bi He Shi Bi Treasure 30 3600
Hexmark Hexmark Horse Retreat NavalLV+1 55 4500 Liu Bei
Horse Barding Horse Barding Treasure DefenseLV+1 15 1200
Huainanzi Huainanzi History Tome GOV+1 CultureLV+1 15 800
Huangjiu Huangjiu Alcohol 5 400
I Ching I Ching Religious Tome INT+6 CoaxLV+1 55 1600
Imperial Seal Imperial Seal Special Presence+1000 100 0
Incense Pouch Incense Pouch Ornament 5 600
Iron Flail Iron Flail Blunt WAR+2 SiegeLV+1 15 1600 Gan Ning
Iron Gourd Iron Gourd Blunt WAR+2 25 800
Iron Hammer Iron Hammer Blunt WAR+2 15 1600
Iron Porcupine Iron Porcupine Blunt WAR+2 DuelingLV+1 15 2400 Shamoke
Iron Whip Iron Whip Whip WAR+1 DuelingLV+1 10 1600 Huang Gai
Jade Jade Ornament 25 3800
Jasper Jasper Ornament WeaponsLV+1 30 3000
Jeweled Blade Jeweled Blade Sword 15 800
Jeweled Bow Jeweled Bow Bow WAR+3 ArouseLV+1 35 2500
Jeweled Sword Jeweled Sword Blade 20 1300
Jujube Shuo Jujube Shuo Spear WAR+1 5 800
Lacquer Lacquer Treasure CultureLV+1 20 600
Lacquered Cauldron Lacquered Cauldron Treasure 5 600
Laojiu Laojiu Alcohol 5 400
Leopard Bow Leopard Bow Bow WAR+1 ArouseLV+1 25 2000
Liang Horse Liang Horse Horse Retreat 40 1900
Licorice Licorice Treasure 20 1000
Lienu Zhuan Lienu Zhuan History Tome GOV+1 5 800
Lijiu Lijiu Alcohol 15 600
Li's Bow Li's Bow Bow WAR+4 ArouseLV+1 40 3000
Longevity Mirror Longevity Mirror Treasure 15 1800
Looking Bowl of Beasts Looking Bowl of Beasts Treasure 10 1200
Lu Shi Mirror Lu Shi Mirror Treasure 15 1800
Mafeisan Mafeisan Medicine Lifespan 50 6000
Map of Nanzhong Map of Nanzhong Map LEA+1 SiegeLV+1 20 4000 Lü Kai
Map of Western Shu Map of Western Shu Map LEA+1 SiegeLV+1 20 4000 Zhang Song
Marching Tonic Marching Tonic Medicine Lifespan 40 3000
Master Zhi's Looking Bowl Master Zhi's Looking Bowl Treasure 15 1800
Medicinal Wine Medicinal Wine Alcohol 10 400
Mengde's War Manual Mengde's War Manual Strategy Tome LEA+2 EnduranceLV+1 35 1600 Cao Cao
Mirror of Dragons Mirror of Dragons Treasure 10 1200
Mirror of Legends Mirror of Legends Treasure 10 1200
Moye Sword Moye Sword Sword WAR+6 HeroismLV+1 55 3200
Mozi Mozi Strategy Tome LEA+4 SiegeLV+1 30 1600
Naginata Naginata Longsword WAR+2 10 800
On the Benefits of Enemies On the Benefits of Enemies Treatise INT+1 5 800
On the Times On the Times Treatise INT+3 10 1600
On the Way of Discernment On the Way of Discernment Treatise INT+2 OratorLV+1 20 800 Cao Zhi
Paper Paper Strategy Tome 10 500
Pearl Pearl Ornament 25 3800
Porcelain Boshan Brazier Porcelain Boshan Brazier Treasure 15 1800
Pottery Pottery Treasure 5 600
Qin Qin Treasure Culture+1 20 1200 Cai Yan
Record of the Classes Record of the Classes Govern Tome GOV+2 FarmingLV+1 20 1600
Records of the Grand Historian Records of the Grand Historian History Tome GOV+5 20 3200
Red Bull Red Bull Horse Retreat SiegeLV+1 45 3000 Meng Huo
Red Hare Red Hare Horse Retreat SpeedLV+1 60 6000 Dong Zhuo, Lü Bu, Guan Yu
Refined Liquor Refined Liquor Alcohol 15 600
Revised Almanac of the Heavens Revised Almanac of the Heavens Treatise INT+1 5 800
Ringblade Ringblade Blunt WAR+2 15 1600
Ruby Ruby Ornament SiegeLV+1 30 3000
Sandalwood Bow Sandalwood Bow Bow WAR+1 10 2000
Sapphire Sapphire NavalLV+1 30 3000
Sawblade Sawblade Blade WAR+2 DuelingLV+1 25 800
Se Se Treasure CultureLV+1 10 1200
Secret of Nine Vessels Secret of Nine Vessels Treasure INT+2 15 2400
Serpent Blade Serpent Blade Spear WAR+6 OveraweLV+1 55 3200 Zhang Fei, Zhang Bao
Seven Star Sword Seven Star Sword Sword WAR+5 DuelingLV+1 60 4000 Wang Yun, Dong Zhuo, Li Jue
Shadow Runner Shadow Runner Horse Retreat SpeedLV+1 45 3000 Cao Cao
Shanghan Lun Shanghan Lun Medical Tome Lifespan 35 7500
Shanhaijing Shanhaijing Rare Tome INT+1 CultureLV+1 30 5000
Sheep Zun Sheep Zun Treasure 5 600
Shifu Bells Shifu Bells Treasure TrainingLV+1 20 1200
Shijiu Shijiu Alcohol 15 600
Shooting Star Shooting Star Blunt WAR+1 10 1600
Shortspear Shortspear Concealed Weapon WAR+2 10 800
Sichuan Peppercorn Sichuan Peppercorn Treasure 15 800
Silk Silk Strategy Tome 25 1500
Six Secret Teachings Six Secret Teachings Strategy Tome LEA+8 EnduranceLV+1 60 4000
Sleeve Blossom Sleeve Blossom Concealed Weapon WAR+2 20 3000
Sleeve Petal Sleeve Petal Concealed Weapon WAR+1 15 1600
Southern Red Hare Southern Red Hare Horse Retreat SpeedLV+1 45 3000 Zhu Rong
Spiked Club Spiked Club Blunt WAR+2 15 1600
Steel Serpent Steel Serpent Spear WAR+1 DuelingLV+1 15 2400 Cheng Pu
Stone of Beasts Stone of Beasts Treasure 15 600
Strategies of Wei Strategies of Wei Strategy Tome LEA+3 TrainingLV+1 25 1600
Strategies of Sun Bin Strategies of Sun Bin Strategy Tome LEA+5 EnduranceLV+1 45 24
Sweet Votive Wine Sweet Votive Wine Alcohol 20 800
Sword of a Hundred Laws Sword of a Hundred Laws Blade WAR+3 15 2400
Sword of Heaven Sword of Heaven Sword WAR+6 OveraweLV+1 55 3200 Cao Cao
Sword of Light Sword of Light Sword WAR+5 DuelingLV+1 50 3200 Xiahou En, Zhao Yun
Sword of Sovereignty Sword of Sovereignty Sword WAR+10 HeroismLV+1 70 6000
Swords of Fate Swords of Fate Sword WAR+3 DuelingLV+1 45 3200 Liu Bei, Liu Shan
Talisman of Eternity Talisman of Eternity Treasure Lifespan 30 3000
Talisman of Ogres Talisman of Ogres Treasure Lifespan 30 2400
Talisman of the Practitioner Talisman of the Practitioner Treasure Lifespan 25 1800
Tao Te Ching Tao Te Ching Religious Tome INT+10 OratorLV+1 55 4800
Taotie Cauldron Taotie Cauldron Treasure 10 1200
Tea Tea Treasure 15 1800
Ten Meter Spear Ten Meter Spear Spear WAR+1 5 1000
The Book of Lord Shang The Book of Lord Shang Governance Tome GOV+7 CommerceLV+1 40 4000
Three Strategies Three Strategies Strategy Tome LEA+8 DefenseLV+1 55 4000
Tianjiu Tianjiu Alcohol 10 400
Tonic of Equilibrium Tonic of Equilibrium Medicine Lifespan 45 4500
Topaz Topaz Ornament DefenseLV+1 30 3000
Toso Tonic Toso Tonic Medicine Lifespan 35 3000
Treasures of Spirit Treasures of Spirit Treasure INT+3 20 2400
Treatise on Gambling Treatise on Gambling Treatise INT+3 10 1600 Sun He
Treatise on Laws Treatise on Laws Treatise INT+2 10 1600 Wang Chang
Treatise on Piety Treatise on Piety Treatise INT+1 5 800 Yan Jun
Twin Bladed Halberd Twin Bladed Halberd Halberd WAR+1 DuelingLV+1 15 1600 Dian Wei
Unrefined Wine Unrefined Wine Alcohol 5 400
Vitality Tonic Vitality Tonic Treasure Lifespan 45 4500
War Minister's Methods War Minister's Methods Strategy Tome LEA+7 DefenseLV+1 50 3200
War Trident War Trident Longsword WAR+3 15 2400 Ji Ling
Warring States Strategy Warring States Strategy History Tome GOV+3 DefenseLV+1 35 1600
Way of Healing Way of Healing Medical Tome Lifespan 40 6000
Way of Peace Way of Peace Rare Tome INT+2 StrategyLV+1 40 6000 Zhang Jiao, Cao Cao
Wei Liaozi Wei Liaozi Strategy Tome LEA+5 DefenseLV+1 40 2400
Wheeled Chair Wheeled Chair Horse Retreat 55 3000 Zhuge Liang
White Dragon White Dragon Horse Retreat SpeedLV+1 45 3000 Zhao Yun
White Dragon Disc White Dragon Disc Treasure 20 2400
White Elephant White Elephant Horse Retreat HeroismLV+1 50 3000 King Mulu
White Feather Fan White Feather Fan Treasure TrainingLV+1 20 2400
White Fur Coat White Fur Coat Treasure 10 1500
White Gem Disc White Gem Disc Treasure 20 3000
Wine Wine Alcohol 10 500
Wine Vassal Wine Vassal Treasure 5 600
Wool Carpet Wool Carpet Treasure 15 2300
Wool Coat Wool Coat Treasure 10 1500
Writings of the Three Emperors Writings of the Three Emperors Treasure Lifespan 25 1800
Wu Hook Wu Hook Blade WAR+1 5 1800
Wuwan Horse Wuwan Horse Horse Retreat SpeedLV+1 40 1900
Wuzi Wuzi Strategy Tome LEA+6 DefenseLV+1 45 3200
Xijiu Xijiu Alcohol 15 600
Xiongnu Horse Xiongnu Horse Horse Retreat SpeedLV+1 40 1900
Yang's Bow Yang's Bow Bow WAR+4 ArouseLV+1 40 3000
Yellow Emperor's Four Classics Yellow Emperor's Four Classics Treasure INT+1 10 2400
Yidi Wine Yidi Wine Alcohol 25 1000
Yuan Zhi Yuan Zhi Treasure 10 500
Zaoqing Zaoqing Alcohol 10 400
Zhang Fei Liquor Zhang Fei Liquor Alcohol 15 600
Zhou Book of Shadows Zhou Book of Shadows Governance Tome GOV+2 PatrolLV+1 35 2400
Zhu Zhu Treasure CultureLV+1 10 1200
Zhuangzi Zhuangzi Religious Tome INT+8 CultureLV+1 50 3200
Zuo Bo Paper Zuo Bo Paper Strategy Tome 20 1000
Zuo Zhuan Zuo Zhuan History Tome GOV+5 NegotiateLV+1 35 3200

Fame and Strategy DLC specialties[]

A list of specialties found in Fame and Strategy. All main game specialties are also available in the DLC. The list below only includes specialties exclusive to the DLC.

Image Name Type Effect Ability Value Price Possessing officer
Ancient Strategies Ancient Strategies Strategy Tome 5 600
Gold Axe Gold Axe Axe 20 1000
Jeweled Arrow Jeweled Arrow Bow 5 400
Jeweled Blade Jeweled Blade Sword 15 1800
Jeweled Sword Jeweled Sword Blade 20 1300
Mozi's Copy Mozi's Copy Strategy Tome 15 800
Silver Axe Silver Axe Axe 15 800
Six Secret Teachings Copy Six Secret Teachings Copy Strategy Tome 20 1000
Sunzi's Copy Sunzi's Copy Strategy Tome 25 1500
Wuzi's Copy Wuzi's Copy Strategy Tome 10 500