Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

The following is a list of all fictional people who appeared in the Sanguo zhi pinghua.

Part A[]

# Name Page(s) In SGYY? Bio
1 Old Master Sun
(Sūn tàigōng 孫太公)
4, 5 no
2 Schoolteacher Sun
(Sūn xuéjiù 孫學究)
4, 5 no [Note 1]
3 Yuan Qiao 元嶠 11, 12 no
4 Cui Lan 崔廉 12 no
5 Song Wenju 宋文舉 16 no
6 Ren Diaochan 任貂蟬 17, 18, 21, 22 yes [Note 2]
7 Guo Qian 郭潛 18 no [Note 3]
8 Yuan Xiong 袁襄 19 no

Part B[]

# Name Page(s) In SGYY? Bio
9 Liu Bi 劉璧 1, 13 no [Note 4]
10 Zhang Ben 張本 2 no [Note 5]
11 Black Tiger
(Hēihǔ 黑虎)
4 no [Note 6]
12 Ma Gou 馬垢 12 no [Note 7]
13 Zhao Zhiwei 趙知微 21 no [Note 8]

Part C[]

# Name Page(s) In SGYY? Bio
14 Jiang Xiong 蔣雄 2 no [Note 9]
15 Han Guozhong 韓國忠 2 no [Note 10]
16 Jin Zu 金族 3 no [Note 11]
17 Qiang Xiang 強項 5 no [Note 12]
18 Yang Xiu 楊修 5 no [Note 13]
19 Liu Ba 劉巴 6 no
20 Zhao Wen 趙文 6 no
21 Zhang Bangrui 張邦瑞 7 no [Note 14]
22 Zhang Sheng 張升 7 no
23 Liu Zhen 劉珍 7 no [Note 15]
24 Zhao Shidao 趙師道 8 no
25 Ma Shouzhong 馬守忠 9 no
26 Han Fu 韓甫 10 no [Note 16]
27 Yu Xu 11 no
28 Wang Qiang 王強 15 no [Note 17]
29 Zhang Shan 張山 15 no [Note 17]
30 Han Bin 韓斌 15 no [Note 17]
31 Du Qi 杜旗 16 no [Note 18]
32 Zhang Zhong 張忠 18 no
33 Zhou Cang 周倉 20, 21 yes [Note 19]

Not included[]

The following people, despite not appearing in historical sources, are not included in the list.

  • Zhang Biao 張表, brother of Yellow Turban leader Zhang Jue. Probably the Sanguo zhi pinghua equivalent of Zhang Liang 張梁.
  • Chu Chou 楚稠, miswritten for the historical Fan Chou 樊稠.
  • Mei Zhu 糜竺, miswritten for the historical Mi Zhu 麋竺.
  • Qin Fu 秦𢧐, probably a miswriting for the historical Qin Mi 秦宓.
  • Xiong Kai 雄凱, a miswriting for the historical Yong Kai 雍闓.
  • Ma Wei 馬𫘓, a miswriting for the historical Ma Su 馬謖.
  • Empress Yang 羊 of Jin, different background than her historical counterpart, but no doubt the same person.

See also[]


  • Huangfu Song's name is written as 皇甫松. Historically his name is written as 皇甫嵩. Both 松 and 嵩 are pronounced as Song.
  • Zhang Jue's name is written as 張斍. Historically his name is written as 張角. The character 斍 can only be pronounced as Jue, while 角 can be pronounced as Jue and Jiao.
  1. Son of Old Master Sun. Suffered from an illness which symptoms share similarities with those of leprosy. One day he saw a huge python and followed it into its cave, where he found a book which could cure 404 diseases. It also contained a passage on his own disease. Which, much to the delight of his father, he succesfully used to cure himself, using a cup and incantations. He became a popular figure for those who needed treatment, and ordained roughly 500 disciples. One of these men was Zhang Jue. Later Zhang Jue had to leave schoolteacher to treat his mom, who had gotten old. Upon leaving schoolteacher hands Zhang Jue the book and tells him that when he uses it to cure people, he should never ask for money in return. Schoolteacher Sun thus serves a similar purpose as Zhuangzhi / Saint Hermit.
  2. Has a surname in SGZ Pinghua: Ren 任. When Wang Yun meets Diaochan for the first time she is sad and tells him she lost her lover (Lü Bu) and fears she will never see him again. Wang Yun, knowing Lü's whereabouts, reunites her with Lü. Aside from this part the rest of her story is rather similar to that of her SGYY counterpart.
  3. A Grand Administrator of Suiyang 睢陽.
  4. A relative of Liu Bei, whom Bei fled to when persued by Cao Cao after he lost Jing Province to him.
  5. A son-in-law of Cao Bao 曹豹. Tries to avenge his father-in-law by alarming Cao Cao of an attack by Zhang Fei.
  6. A leader of the Black Mountain Bandits. Xu You mentions Yuan Shao has difficulties controlling him.
  7. Participated in a defeat of Xiahou Dun.
  8. An Academician of the Hall who reads an addendum about Liu Bei.
  9. A Grand Administrator.
  10. A Grand Administrator.
  11. A Grand Administrator. Huang Zhong was one of his generals.
  12. Called Zhang Xiang 張項 in Idema and West's translation. I can't find the characters 張項 in Part C though, only 強項.
  13. A Regular Attendant of Liu Zhang.
  14. A Grand Administrator of Mianzhou.
  15. Younger brother of Liu Zhang.
  16. Servant of Wu who struck Guan Yu with a poisonous arrow.
  17. 17.0 17.1 17.2 Killed Zhang Fei and fled to Wu.
  18. A Grand Administrator of Shu-Han who rebelled alongside the Nanman.
  19. Transported grain using Zhuge Liang's wooden oxen and flowing horses. Tricked Sima Yi to give him gold, riches and horses by making him believe he knew the secret to properly construct the wooden oxen and flowing horses.


  • Sanguo zhi pinghua 三國志平話 “A storytelling of the Records of the Three Kingdoms”. 1321-1323.