Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

The founding Emperor of the Shu-Han, Liu Bei was a man who descended from Emperor Jing, once Emperor of the Han Dynasty. In 221 A.D. Liu Bei followed in his ancestors footsteps by founding his own empire.


Liu Bei was born in Zhuo commandery in 161 A.D. His family claimed descent from Emperor Jing of Former Han through the kings of Zhongshan and a short-lived fief in Zhuo commandery held by a cadet lineage.

His grandfather, Liu Xiong, was a country magistrate and his father Liu Hong held office in the local administration.

Liu Bei lost his father when he was still young and Liu Bei lived a poor life. His mother maintained the family by selling straw sandals. In a corner of their small property there was a mulberry tree over fifteen feet tall,[1] shaped like an umbrella of the chariot. The tree held some superstitious value, people who saw it from afar took it as a sign of future fame and honour. Liu Bei agreed on this, but his uncle Liu Zijing suggested that Liu Bei would only bring his family to ruin.[2]

Studying under Lu Zhi[]

In 175 A.D. Liu Bei was sent to study by his mother. He took lessons from Lu Zhi, a distinguished man of the commandery who was an Academician at the University of Luoyang.

Yellow Turban Rebellion[]


  • Ancestor
    • Emperor Jing of Han
  • Grand Father
    • Liu Xiong, father of Liu Hong
  • Parents
    • Liu Hong, son of Liu Xiong, died when Liu Bei was young.
  • Wives
  • Sons
    • Liu Shan
    • Liu Yong
    • Liu Li
    • Liu Feng

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Fact vs. Fiction[]

  • Historically, Liu Bei did not swear an oath of brotherhood with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu.
    read about this fictional event here.
  • Historically, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu did not rescue Dong Zhuo during the Yellow Turban Rebellion.


  1. or 50 feet in US measures.
  2. Rafe de Crespigny, A Biographical Dictionary of the Later Han, page 478.