Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
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Yellow Turbans
for all your information regarding Zhang Jue and his followers.
People of the Yellow Turbans

Yellow Turbans involved in the millenial Yellow Turban Rebellion

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People of the Yellow Turbans

Post 184 Yellow Turbans

note: these rebels were Yellow Turbans in name only. They did not participate in the Yellow Turban Rebellion and were not associated with the Zhang brothers.

People of the Yellow Turbans

Fictional Members of the Yellow Turbans

Yellow (黃) Turbans (巾)
Did you know...?
*...it is suggested the Zhang brothers held human sacrifices?
*...Zhang Jue titled himself Great Virtuous Teacher?
*...Zhang Jue had a book called Book of Great Peace, with Green Headings?
*...many Yellow Turbans in Romance of the Three Kingdoms are fictional?
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Zhang Jue 張角, was an adept of the popular Way of Huang-Lao cult concerning the Yellow Emperor and the sage Laozi. In the 170’s he acquired wide popularity through his teachings known as the 'Way of Great Peace' (Tàipíng Dào 太平道). In 184 A.D. he rebelled against the Han. Wearing yellow pieces of cloth, his movement became known as the movement of the Yellow Turbans (Huángjīn 黃巾).