Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

The Rising of the Bobo bandits (qǐ huítóu Bóbō zéi 起回頭白波賊) in Xihe commandery in Bing Province, was a local rising of bandits who claimed affiliation with the Yellow Turbans. The bandits, during these raids, were led by one Guo Da 郭大.

The Battle[]

The Bobo bandits 白波戝 (White Wave Rebels) from the Bobo Valley in Xihe commandery, Bing Province had many leading men, such as Li Le 李樂, Han Xian 韓暹, Hu Cai 胡才 and others. The Bobo bandits claimed affilition with the Yellow Turbans.

In the second month of 188 AD the Bobo leader Guo Da took with him some fellow bandits and plundered the commanderies of Taiyuan and Hedong. What happened afterwards is not known, i.e., we are not told who, if any, was sent to deal with the bandits. We do know the bandits survived to play a role in the 190's.[1][2]

The History of the Later Han, chapter 8: Annals of Emperor Ling says the following:[3]

Second month (二月), (...) Remaining (余) Yellow Turban bandit (黃巾賊) Guo Da (here mentioned as Guo Tai 郭太) rose in the Bobo Valley (白波谷), and invaded (寇) Taiyuan 太原 and Hedong 河東.”



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