Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

Sun Quan 孫權 was the first Emperor of the Wu Empire, an Empire built on the foundations of his late father Sun Jian and late older brother Sun Ce. He sat on the throne for 23 years and was succeeded by Sun Liang 孫亮. Sun Quan was the son of Sun Jian and Lady Wu and also the older brother of Lady Sun.


Sun Quan was the second son of Sun Jian, who followed his brother Sun Ce to battles at a young age of fourteen. Sun Quan took over Jiangdong after the death of his brother Sun Ce. With the help of the general Zhou Yu, Sun Quan defeated Cao Cao with Liu Bei in The Battle of Chibi (Red Cliff), splitting China in three and eventually establishing the Kingdom of Wu and naming himself emperor.


  • Parents
  • Wifes
    • Lady Xie
    • Lady Xu
    • Lady Bu
    • Lady Pan
  • Sons
    • Sun Deng
    • Sun Lü
    • Sun He
    • Sun Ba
    • Sun Fen
    • Sun Xiu
    • Sun Liang
  • Daughters
    • Sun Dahu
  • Sisters
    • Lady Sun [Shangxiang]
    • "Lady Sun" - married to Pang Yi
    • "Lady Sun" - married to Hong Zi
    • Da Qiao - sister-in-law

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  • Didn't order Lü Meng to execute Guan Yu. The execution took place without his knowledge.