Gongjin's Campaign Memorials
Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

Zhang Fei 張飛 was a military general serving the warlord Liu Bei during the Later Han and early Three Kingdoms period. One of Liu Bei's earliest followers, together with Guan Yu, and the Records of the Three Kingdoms describes their relationship "as close as brothers".


Zhang Fei, styled Yide, was a native of Zhuo commandery, and had dealings with Guan Yu and Liu Bei during his earlier days. Guan Yu was older than him by several years hence Zhang Fei treated him like an elder brother. Liu Bei served Cao Cao during the annexation of Lü Bu. During this time, Zhang Fei followed Liu Bei to Xu, and Cao Cao appointed him as Zhonglang Jiang. Subsequently, Liu Bei went against Cao Cao to join Yuan Shao and Liu Biao.[1]


Fact vs. Fiction[]


  • …Zhang Fei did not swear an oath of brotherhood in a peach garden with Liu Bei and Guan Yu.
  • …Zhang Fei did not beat up an imperial inspector. Historically it was Liu Bei who beat up the inspector.
  • …Zhang Fei did not kill Cao Bao.